• The Goall Program - Growth Only Automated Life & Legacy Benefits

    The GOALL (Growth Only Automated Life & Legacy) Program is brought to you by a team of financial strategists that believes losing money no longer makes sense. We believe your retirement should accomplish much more than just your compound money.


    The GOALL program partners with different business owners to help them handle their employee retention issues. The program helps to tether top employees and create an atmosphere where companies can hire the best employees. It is very critical for companies to train their employees so they can stand out from the competition. The training itself is expensive, and when a company has to spend all that money for training and then have an employee leave to go to the competitor, it can be very costly and disappointing to the company.


    The GOALL program provides a sustainable way for companies to invest in their financial future and their employees. The program also offers a product that delivers major advantages in comparison to the traditional 401K retirement plan offered by other similar programs. An example would be that when the stock market goes down no one loses money.


    Some of the positive and immediate benefits to the GOALL program is:

    • Fewer employee turnovers
    • Less replacement cost
    • Employer solutions to challenges in the workplace
    • Increasing profit margins for employers
    • Help to stand out from competitors
    • Higher employee retention
    • Provide more retirement funds
    • No funds lost if the stock market goes through any fluctuation
    • Tax-free retirement funds; being paid up until 120 years old
    • Social Security tax is not impacted or taxed
    • Protect family from any financial disaster
    • Money is received whether impromptu death, illness, or injury
    • Principal keeps working and growing 

    If the employee becomes injured, critically injured, terminally ill, or has a chronic illness, the GOALL program will protect you and continue to pay you money. The program also ensures the recipients (your employees) are prepared for any curveballs that life throws at them including the ones mentioned before such as death and sickness.


    • Not” Having Money in Retirement
      • You never lose money when stock market goes down   
      • Your retirement money comes out Tax-free and will pay you through the age of 120
      • Your Principal (Money) is not reduced when money comes out (it keeps working for you)
      • Money received does not impact your Social Security being taxed
    • Die Too Soon 
      • Help protect your family from financial disaster
    • Become Ill or Injured
      • #1 reason for bankruptcy and foreclosures in the US
        • Terminally ill
        • Critically ill
        • Critically injured
        • Chronic illness

    If any of these things happen to you, you are protected! It pays you money. *


    We want to make sure our employees are better prepared for life’s curveballs, specifically in these three scenarios!




    This program can help you with:

    • Medical Bills
    • Buying a Home
    • Paying for College
    • Create your Retirement
    • and More

    With the GOALL Program, you’ll protect yourself from life’s curveballs that can cause financial problems during your lifetime!


    • GOALL offers an alternative — or addition — to a traditional 401(k) plan

      Today’s companies are not only competing for sales but also for the talented employees that drive them. . . adding the GOALL Program to your benefit plan options is one way to achieve competitive advantage:

    • Stand out from others with a retirement savings and financial security program that’s in many ways more attractive than others
    • Maintain momentum through better employee retention; turnover saps organizations of experience and expertise
    • Tether top talent and attract new hires with a better, more varied package of benefit plan options
    • Increase security: departing employees take with them inside knowledge of your company’s operations and strategic direction
    • Save money: per one source, the average cost to replace a employee is 50% of their salary (i.e., $37,500 for a $75,000/year employee)
    Bottom line? It’s not how much a employee makes; it’s how much they keep.

    The program helps people with buying their first home, paying medical bills, and paying for tuition in college as well as creating a retirement fund and more. However, the retirement fund in the GOALL program is extremely more beneficial than programs like 401K, 403B and the IRAs. While the 401K and 403B offer tax-deferred options for growing your funds and employee match, they do not protect employees’ funds if the stock market tanks. They do not have access to the retirement fund without having to pay a penalty once they are below the age of 59-and-half years old. With these other programs the likelihood of having, your Social Security taxed is very real. There are contribution limits and compliance fees that the GOALL program does not have. With a typical employer benefit plan you would not qualify for benefits if you get chronically ill, terminally ill or critically ill or injured in retirement since typically benefits like these do not stay with you in retirement with the GOALL Program and your retirement funds are taxed free compared to others that would still be taxed in retirement. With the GOALL program, companies would be better able to hire talented people who are looking for amazing benefits including their retirement funds.


    What the GOALL program offers makes it more inviting to top talent. On top of that, the program helps companies retain these top talents when they come through the door, providing recommendations for appropriate training, and keeping employees satisfied with attractive benefits. Therefore, it is to an employer’s advantage to consider this program so that they can attract good employees and not have to hire less talented individuals only to increase their turnover rates because those employees don’t rise to the occasion.

  • GOALL Success Stories . . . We Help Employers

    • Tire Shop:  Reduced turnover in the first year by 5, saving the Employer approximately $75,000 in training cost in his first year.
    • Electrical Contractor:  26 out of 28 Employees participate with the GOALL products.
    • Mortgage Company:  100% participation & the 2 owners are using a GOALL product in their Buy/Sell agreement.
    • Manufacturing Company:  Doubled its facility size (employee retention/recruiting) with the GOALL Program.
    • Wellness Center:  100% participation in the GOALL Program.
    • Auto Repair:  100% participation in the GOALL Program.

    Blind Installation & Repair, Inc

    Baker Road Automotive

    Tish Times Networking & Sales

    401 Manufacturing

    E3 Cryo & Wellness Center

    AZ Lending Experts LLC